Should You Fix Your Chipped Tooth?

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It might not appear like a big deal to get a chipped tooth. You might think that it is just a cosmetic issue that only affects your smile. However, that is not the case. 

If you ignore a chipped tooth, it can result in increased chances of more significant damage that can compromise your entire oral health.  

If left ignored, a chipped tooth can be the root of a lot of other issues. The form of treatment required will vary on the severity of the crack or chip. This can range from dental implants to a simple tooth filling. 

So, should you fix your chipped tooth? The answer is yes. Here are several reasons why.  

Risk of Infection and Decay 

For those who don’t know, a chipped tooth is a lot more vulnerable to infection and decay compared to a healthy one. Your tooth should be smooth. However, if you’ve got a chip, it leads to a rough surface that attracts bacteria and food debris.  

Furthermore, the chipped tooth will become more difficult to properly clean. This means that the chip can transform into a cavity in the long run. 

Jaw and Bite Problems 

A chipped tooth can affect a lot of things when it comes to your oral health. This includes your bite. Your mouth is an accurate system that is built to engage in a lot of various forms of motions every day.  

Your mouth helps you swallow, talk, and chew. To ensure that it’s properly functioning, your bite contacts will have to accurately fit together. A chip can cause a change in the way your teeth fit together.  

Because of this, it will also influence how you chew or bite. This can lead to an uneven wearing down of your teeth.  

Furthermore, there is a chance that the impact that the chipped tooth has caused will also knock out your jaw from proper alignment or displace the joints of your jaw. These minor issues can turn into major problems if you ignore your chipped tooth.  

Cut Cheeks and Tongue 

Your chipped tooth can cause pain in areas of your mouth. This is particularly true if the chip resulted in a sharp edge to the tooth.  

If that is the case, you can scratch your tongue accidentally or rub your inner cheeks in a particular area. 

Though this may not be extremely painful, it can still be extremely frustrating to deal with. This is particularly true if you don’t fix your chipped tooth immediately.  

It Can Cause Sensitivity 

A chipped tooth can cause uncomfortable sensitivity. Getting a chipped tooth lowers the insulation between your tooth’s nerve and any cold/hot beverages or food that you eat.  

You may start to feel sharp pain or sensitivity in the area where the tooth is chipped. This can be extremely annoying to deal with every day.  

Because of this, you should not hesitate to visit your dentist right away if you have a chipped tooth. It’s ideal to fix your chipped tooth immediately before it gets worse in the long run.  

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