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Hair transplant in Switzerland. There are many hair transplant clinics in Switzerland. Hair loss has become a common problem these days and there are many people who turn to hair restoration to look better. The best treatment for hair loss is the hair restoration surgery. Switzerland is a developed European state and there is a great amount of tourism in the country. People from all over the world come to Switzerland to enjoy the natural beauty and pollution free environment. However, for basic medical treatments and cosmetic surgeries people go to other countries where cheaper treatments are available. Cosmetic surgeries are becoming more and more common due to general exposure and the increase in resources. People turn to aesthetic improvement and out of all the cosmetic treatments, facial surgeries and hair restoration treatments are more popular. Out of all the methods of hair restoration, the hair  surgery is most popular. Hair loss surgery involves removal of hair from an area of good hair growth and then planting it on the bald patch. The hair is removed with its complete unit of function such as the root and the follicle which then gains nutrition from the scalp and starts to grow normally, providing full coverage. The hair strand is located in a follicle which comprises of different parts. This is supplied with nutrition by the dense network of capillaries on the scalp. Hair loss may occur due to many reasons so a person who wants to get a hair surgery must first of ll find the root cause f his hair fall issue. Once the problem has been detected, it has to be cured fully for the treatment to show maximum results. In case the cause of hair fall is not uprooted, it might recur and cause hair loss even after the treatment. The first step of hair transplantation is to do some research about the surgeons available and the cost prevalent among the best surgeons. While looking for any treatment, people only look for best results at a good price. If the surgeon charges a lot, the results are usually not considered worth it so people start looking for cheaper treatments. There are many places where cheap hair surgeries are done. In Pakistan, the currency rate is much lesser due to which a surgery there becomes economical for someone coming from a European country like Switzerland. The surgeons in Pakistan are extremely experienced and work on all kinds of cases from around the world and hence they know how to perform surgeries on different kinds of cases. This makes them a favorite among patients and hence the influx of patients gets heavier. The hair implantation is done in two basic ways, the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. Both the methods are practiced in Pakistan but the FUE method is more expensive since it requires more skill and expertise. A larger number of people opt for the FUE method due to its natural results and scar less finish. The European countries and the United States are home to the latest research and studies therefore the procedures performed there are more expensive than in eastern countries. This leads to a large number of people travel to lesser developed countries to get the same level of treatment but at a much lesser price. For anyone in Switzerland, finding a good surgeon through searching websites and comparing performance is not a difficult task. Patients can even hold initial consultation over the Internet by sending the surgeon a photograph of their scalp and receive an assessment of the number of grafts needed for full coverage and also the final cost of the procedure. Hair transplant in Switzerland is done using the latest techniques, however it is expensive for a large number of people. Medical tourism is spreading all over world and people travel for cosmetic surgery to cheapest destinations of world. Most of hair loss patient travel abroad and hair transplant in Pakistan is affordable even including air travel and hotel stay.

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